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Barefoot or Shoes?

This seems to be an ongoing debate in the horse world and we often hear that there are no easy answers. We couldn’t disagree more. There is an easy answer.. it’s do whatever is best for your horse. We operate from the keep it simple standard, because the simplest solution is the easiest one to […]


If you’ve been looking at photographs here, you’ve seen some casts on horses feet. Casts can serve many purposes in hoof rehabilitation, such as: creating a false wall to nail into limiting hoof mechanism when managing sheared heel syndrome safely covering abscess holes, resections and surgery sites to keep them clean protecting thin soles offering […]


This horse has been a long term project. She presented with thin soles, contracted heels, no appreciable walls and her feet were packed solid with overlaid bar and lumpy sole material. She also had a negative palmer angle behind of 5 and 6 degrees. Her foot problems were mostly blamed on her being a Thoroughbred, […]

correct trimming matters

This foot shows what happens when bars are allowed to overlay sole.. the black spots are where bruising has created abscessing. The lateral flare has been caused by the bar material that was pushing the wall outward. You can see that the bar is curved out more than it should be and will require a […]

shoes to barefoot to shoes again

This mare was perimeter shod and her feet were pushing out in front of her bony column. She was so uncomfortable she did not want to stand still. we pulled her shoes off, gave her a good trim, let her feet settle for a cycle and then reshod her. A good example of what people […]

hoof resection

This horse presented with an inch wide crack at the top of his coronary band and green pus oozing out of it. It was determined that he had somehow injured the very top of the coronary band and the tissue below it had necrotized. It created a pocked of infection that required resection and debridement. […]

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