cost and communication

Our prices for a rehabilitation plan are very different than our set care prices.

Rehabilitation requires a tremendous amount of collaboration and ongoing reevaluation during the entire project to be successful. Therefore we charge an hourly rate for our time as a team during consultation/collaboration and separate service charges. Travel fees are assessed on an individual basis and not addressed here.

Hourly rates for consultation and collaboration will be combined with service charges and billed accordingly.

Initial hourly consultation/collaboration rate is $180/hour, billed in half hour increments. Average initial consultation is 1.5 hours, so for this example would be $270 to have Mike and Gayle assess your horses condition and discuss options.

Ongoing consultation/collaboration rate is $140/hour, billed in half hour increments. This includes time spent working with veterinarians, care givers, body workers, trainers, riders, owners and could be either Mike, Gayle or both, and is needs based.

A reasonable amount of communication is expected and is not billed. We will update the team after each large work session without further fees as well as answer questions via email or text. Telephone conversations are always billed at the ongoing consultation/collaboration rate of $140/hour, billed in half hour increments.

Services and corresponding rates are as follows:

  • trim.. $65
  • glued on casts.. $45 each
  • steel shoes.. $ fronts, $ four shoes
  • aluminum shoes.. $ fronts
  • titanium shoes.. $ fronts
  • pads under any shoe.. $
  • wedges under any shoe.. $
  • “equipack” or support packing under any pad or cast … $
  • fungal/bacterial treatment set up.. $

There are further services available such as training and depend on needs at the time, base billable rate is $60/hour.

All shoeing is hot shoeing, with whatever set up and nails are appropriate. We may use any combination of trimming, casting and/or shoeing to rehabilitate your horses feet.

We do our best to estimate what the cost of our work will be for any scheduled appointment but because horses, please understand that sometimes work takes longer and rarely is shorter because, horses. When considering the cost of this rehabilitation we ask you to consider that the intensity of the initial work will not last forever.

Regarding communications.. we understand that your horse means everything to you or you wouldn’t be going on this rehabilitation journey. We are invested in the outcome of this journey also and will become deeply attached to your horse. ALL texting communications should go to both Mike and Gayle to ensure we are both aware of any emerging situation.

Please be aware we work during normal business hours, usually in situations that make it unsafe for us to talk or text except for on breaks. We also need to reserve our weekends to rest and recharge (and often catch up on routine work or attend to emergencies) so we ask that you are patient with us regarding communications and try to reserve weekends to texting only regarding emergencies. An emergent situation is one in which your horse is plus 1 lame at the walk when it was previously sound, or a *marked* increase in lameness in an already unsound horse. Otherwise all communications will be Monday-Friday finishing by 7 pm. Always text before calling if you need a telephone appointment. Email is the preferred way to contact the entire team of caregivers and Gayle is the point person for emails.

Having said all that, if you reach out and have not heard anything back from a non-emergent situation, it means there has been some sort of snafu and please do remind us that it’s a second request.