Case Studies

shoes to barefoot to shoes again

This mare was perimeter shod and her feet were pushing out in front of her bony column. She was so uncomfortable she did not want to stand still. we pulled her shoes off, gave her a good trim, let her feet settle for a cycle and then reshod her. A good example of what people often call “thoroughbred feet”. Her foot is actually not a problem at all, but she does require her heels to be brought back under her body in order to align her bones correctly. A great example of why heel placement comes first, and then toes can come back.

Perimeter fit shoes pulled. Quarters are jammed up and entire foot is pushed forward. Heel is too long and under run.
Barefoot for a cycle, note LF trimmed, RF not in this photo. Lateral cartilages are jammed up on the RF but have already relaxed on the trimmed LF.
Back into shoes. Note placement of heel now and relief of pressure in the quarters.